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Dead lobster on the beach any ideas

Dead lobster on the beach  any ideas

Dead lobster lying on the beach just below high water mark, one claw, female full of berries, very fresh looking.  Thought this was fairly unusual to see.  Just wondered if anybody had any ideas about it or had found anything like this on a beach before?

    have them wash up on our beaches but only if we get a real cold snap and a good northeast wind.looking at her though she looks armless enough  :whistle:,well almost funny

    Jun 11 2010 06:23 PM
    We get bother in montrose with dead lobsters if there's a heap of rain and fresh water ends up by the keeps at low tide.  Only happens if there's been heaps of rain and really big spring tides.

    king pin R018
    Jun 11 2010 07:24 PM
    seen scallopers runing ova the top of them and they are damaged and just washed ashore. :laugh:
    This one ddnt have any marks on it, completely untouched, ddnt look like anything had been at it at all, just looked freshly dead to me  :laugh:
    BTW kalren, I'm not gonna say anything about it being the weekend and that she mite be completely LEGLESS by the end of it  :laugh:
    canna be a castaway coz its still no cast yitand it nivir wull noo you shood hiv tried cpr :laugh:

    homeward bound
    Jun 11 2010 10:25 PM
    maybe a wee dyslexic  builder got sent for a bolster and that is what he brought back   !!   :whistle: :whistle:
    CPR?? ha ha, u must be joking??  It looked alive enuf to me till I made sure it was really dead  :laugh:
    THERES BEEN A MURDER :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: