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4 lifts o rats in the hopper.

    Where was that? What deep?
    A lot of these 400 fathom and deeper of the western isles towards Rockall
    those are also taken by our trawlers when going to hatton bank. mainly used to make fish sausage. Like them better than hake!
    Got these pests in 280 fathom about 30 mile NW of Flugga Willie.
    whats fish sausage when its at home :'( :'(
    Evidently Fish Sausages are 'big' in Japan :

    fish sausage Japanese product made from chopped fish fillet, spiced and flavoured, with added fat and starch, and packed into sausage casing.

    no surprise there stevie, there,s feck all them guys,ll  won't  eat is there  :'(

    Sep 30 2010 10:43 AM
    These things used to make my skin crawl- probably coz they were called rats
    how much do u get for a box of these?

    samuel a shields
    Oct 01 2010 06:04 PM
    we get a lot of these out here on the west coast (california)no market for them here .fish sausage looks like its made from surime .factory trawlers in the bering sea fish for pollack to make surime.they also buy pink salmon from the gillnetters in bristal bay in the summer months when the pollack season is over .