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remembrance in campbeltown

    Was this one in Scalpay ??
    i think so she sank off stornoway loaded with herring think she was in a collision steaming in to land
    Looks pretty well afloat to me, I assume she was raised and repaired

    yes it was years ago she sank up thair shes bean fishing out off carradale for as long as i can remember

    Stern Thruster
    Jun 02 2010 02:17 PM
    Used to be at the Muffs, changed over to state of the art dreedges. :laugh: Stiff competition to the super clammers.
    Got a big pussy purring underneath the box too.
    This one built new for Finlay Cunningham Scalpay,think you are mistaking her with A Mhaighdean Hearrach that sank after a collision on her way into Stornoway full of herring.Remembrance fished from Scalpay until she was sold to Carradale,had a Rolls Royce engine in her,could go like a train and you could hear her coming a mile off.
    This boat was built Macduff for Finlay Cunningham Scalpay she might have sank going in to SY that I don't know, but I know her neebour the MAUGHAN HEARRACH sank going in to stornoway with a good puckle of herring aboard the SUNBEAM BCK was involved, I  am not sure was  he still neebouring the Remembrance or not when that happened, HEARRACH YOU SHOULD KNOW THE RIGHT  GAELIC SPELLING FOR MAID OF HARRIS???
    DENNIS, There you go you've got it right  Mhaigchdean Hearrach had a collision with the Sunbeam BCK I think the Sunbeam was sold to Tarbert TT not long after that, when the REMB...... was new she neeboured the Mhaig...Hearr the REMB used to work the prawns in the summer a lot, Finlay Cunningham earned well with this boat. 110gardner then. caught a lot of herring at the ringnet them two boats.
    aye yer right in what ye saying stern thrustere  :laugh: :whistle: :laugh: :laugh:
    is it true she's laid up now?