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Fish fingers nae so good in france...

Fish fingers nae so good in france...

on holiday in france, bought the boy the french equivelant of fish fingers................ he wasna impressed

    Kevin Munro
    Jun 01 2010 11:40 AM
    fit kindo fish do they use over there?
    colin apparently...................  do you nae catch them kev?
    Colin - otherwise knows as pollock/lythe

    some of the supermarkets here are calling it colin now as well!
    Awwwww, poor bairn  :laugh:
    better thrown the contents oot and let the bairn play wee the box and buy him a mcdonalds happy meal :laugh: :laugh:
    Interesting piece on this @ http://www.callander.../relaks394.html

    Evidently the French pronunciation for Pollack when it is cooked is 'Co-Lan' - load of 'pollacks' if you ask me (just replace the p with a :laugh:  :laugh:


    Steve E.
    the lad loves fish, dunno where he got his expensive taste from  :laugh:
    steve jist hid a look at that website looks like if you had six boxes of out of date pollocks you wid have a load of old cobblers!! :laugh:
    I reconise that fish finger, landed that one three weeks ago. good ole Colin.  ( Lieu jaune) as opposed to Cabillaud,  cod finger. Mind u prices they pay for colin supprised they can turn em into fingers. Viva le Euro.
    lad says  do not like fish fingers