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Christina II Maiden Voyage

Christina II Maiden Voyage

Maiden voyage after 5yrs of no use a little smokey but it cleared off after half an hour.  No over heating no hot smells and she managed just short of 9 knots flat out, a little cavitation but not bad disappears at 8 knots.  Now we need to start on the hull, wheelhouse and cleaning up down below.

    Young Knoxy
    May 30 2010 09:41 PM
    glad to hear you got her running ok. keep up the good work of saving her from the chainsaw. best o luck

    Jim McCrindle
    May 30 2010 11:01 PM
    You`ld be surprised at the drag in the tyres .
    Yip Jim we know she ripped a hole 8 inches long in one of these lorry tyres when the rope cutting through the wire reinforcement in the first 5 Min's out the harbour we never noticed it was in the water.  It took all Bob and my strength to pull it up even after cutting back to idle, you forget the force it takes to pull nets through the water.

    BigAlan :laugh:
    :laugh: Cracker...and very nice to see !!!