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Arbroath Resident

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Arbroath Resident

Arbroath Resident enjoying the view from a pile of creels in the harbour.

    making pile of white stuff
    Hi Boat Happy

    Yes my car had loads of sh*te on it having been around so many ports - of course some may say that there was loads of sh*te inside the car as well  :laugh:


    Steve E.
    Aye Steve...no as much as mine got on it...firstly on way done outside Portsoy wi roof down...Kenny and me got covered in sh*t- fkn birds- and then at Fraserburgh...roof was up but nice clean polished car when we left it...they saw the yellow and splat...the fkrs covered it by time we got back....never seen so much bird p** in my life...tried to get worst of it off wi a tissue and everyone on harbour was laughing at me...needed to wash car again when we got home-(Kenny washed it for me both times) :laugh:
    :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
    :laugh: Nice photo though  :laugh: