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BONNIE LASS - AH59 in Arbroath Harbour, Scotland on 11th May 2010.

Former: LH7      LEONARA

#  Main Gear type :  Potter
# Secondary Gear type :  GNS  - Set gillnets (anchored)
# Hull material code :  3 - Fiber / plastic
# Year of Construction :  2007
# Place of Construction :  CAMBORNE
# LOA :  8.51
# Tonnage GT :  6.66 T

    bryan DE127
    May 18 2010 10:11 PM
    I see you have looked out your passport for Arbroath Steve but we never see you are you up here for the fishing show.if you are we will look out for you on friday :laugh:
    Aye Bryan - they don't call me the scarlet pimpernel for nothing - sneak in and sneak out  :laugh:

    Was intending to go to the Glasgow Expo but am knackered from the week away that I have just had North of the Border, might turn up on the Thursday - by the way I was there last year, there are some photographs on the site somewhere  :laugh:


    Steve E.