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Kilwarlin - B910

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Kilwarlin - B910

Kilwarlin - B910 up on the slipway at Arbroath, Scotland - 11th May 2010.

#  Main Gear type :   DRB  - Boat dredges
# Secondary Gear type :  NO  - No gear
# Hull material code :  2 - Metal
# Year of Construction :  1965
# Place of Construction :  Netherlands
# LOA :  20.90
# Beam: 5.43
# Draught : 2.19
# Tonnage GT :  57.00 T
# Engine : Kelvin TASC8

Former Names:
Fuschia CT100
Malthide CT100
Jopie Maria HD-225

    Manx Venture
    May 18 2010 08:03 PM
    looks daft with no forrad tripod
    Jutters shot of her when she was a Dutch Fishing Boat gives a good idea as to what you mean  :laugh:

    Posted Image

    Manx Venture
    May 18 2010 09:40 PM
    she had the 1 in the photo and the beams chopped of in ramsey shipyard 98/99? then just had a thinner 1 fitted
    Boy Cameron's shot probably carrying the kit that you mention :

    Posted Image

    Manx Venture
    May 18 2010 10:18 PM
    thats the 1, theres a pic in my gallery of her as Fuchsia RY.27, she wasnt long off the slip in the pic
    not bad for a 45 year old vessel. i use to work on her about 12 years ago.

    Aug 29 2011 10:56 PM
    Hi Guys & Girls,

    My father has just brought the Kilwarlin, it was last based in Edinburgh then brought down to Cowes, on the Isle of Wight where we're based. We are currently doinng a big make over on the boat, extending the main living area, converting the fish hold to a large dining room & converting the whole boat into a mini tall ship. Masts have been cut and soon will be added. not much changed from the current photo but soon will be! We're also changing its name but still going thru the choosing process. So I'll keep you posted on the project.

    Just to confirm the Kilwarlin was built in 1965 in Den Helder, Holland.


    oo good it,ll no be towin nay c*nts  gear awa ever again then  ;) ;)