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    DCI paterson
    May 08 2010 09:51 AM
    is this wan of gene havin a stiff drink afore he goes to the chapel for his sunday prayer.chuckle chuckle.

    hound of the sea
    May 08 2010 10:17 PM
    he looks 5years younger than double j.
    Ii Genie is that a hint of the green your wearing and not a bluebell O0
    for god sake willie scott(genie) thats not u gettin married there not the same as the last one a take it u never fucked off to the bookies in stead o goin down the isle. good luck to u genie
    Five Stars for the Tie       :whistle:
    Happy 50th to my pirate...who is off somewhere exploring the seas and robbing them of their bounty to buy me fine things...ok..... a bit of poetic licence there but hey,happy birthday geneman x ???  jane xx
    jane i think he is even mare crabbitt than pre 50 bear sore ar@@ disna even come close to it theday but at least we are no doing what he said to you on the way out the door
    50 ya bugger!

    that must've been some awfy hard paper round ye had genie

    Young Knoxy
    Jul 29 2010 09:00 PM
    aye all the best genie shame you were at sea for it tho im sure the boss will be paying for the drinks at the end of the week  ??? O0
    Happy birthday Genie ??? good result the other night to make a joint celebration O0