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Christina II

Christina II

CHristina II up for a scrap in remarkably good nick considering she's been in the water for 5 years.  Only one bit of loose caulking

    Brian Ward TT24
    Apr 25 2010 07:11 PM
    After a scrape and a paint job she could look good.  Best wishes with her.
    what colour are you going to paint her alan she was always light green from as far back as i remember in the 70s and are you changing the wheelhoose
    We have found some of the light green paint on the hull and we thinking about repainting her in that colour.  The wheelhouse will be getting lowered when we put a new roof on as I'm 6ft 8in and have about a foot of headroom in it so it does need to come down a good foot we'll probably change the windows too, but these things are further down the list at the moment.

    good luck and keep busy
    looks like you have a good boat