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Christina II

Christina II

Christina II up on the beach to get a scrap down and free the rudder off without any luck, but we now know the cause and have a solution.

    what a tiny propeller on her alan

    We thought that too yesterday when we finally saw it out the water but had her running today on the moorings and she does put a lot of weight on the ropes even at low revs.  I believe its the original kevin K3 prop although I thought they were left handed and this is right handed 24in prop.  We'll need to see how she runs when we finally get her out we're not towing nets and have been told she is quit fast even at low throttle.


    young ronnie
    Apr 25 2010 11:28 PM
    29 X19 was the size for a 66 if memory serves,and they were right handed,as were all the direct drive Kelvins (never heard of handed K engines but there might have been for all that. (left hand fans on the reduction gear engines obviously) 24 is more like the size of a 44s prop.Bonny wee skiff in her day that one,and I'm sure she will be again once you've finished with her.Best of luck with it Alan.
    lookin forwerd tiseen it o done alan, yi ken where ti come if yi need any haevy liftin done  O0 O0 O0

    Jay Cresswell
    Apr 26 2010 12:02 PM
    I still have Margaret Alison's (June Rose) old K3 prop in the garage!

    young ronnie
    Apr 26 2010 12:16 PM
    And the engine is in the attic Jay? O0

    young ronnie
    Apr 26 2010 01:30 PM
    Just found an old book that gives the size for a 44 as 25 X 12 and a 66 as 29 X 12.5 Alan. I take it that the Perkins is a 2-1,in which case the 24" fan would be about right would it not? 28"-29" would be more like a 3-1.

    Don't know what reduction she is although just been along to start her up and see if she goes astern and today it was a 1:0 reduction which isn't helpful the plate is missing off the box but it can only be 1.9:1, 2.1:1 or 2.9:1 for the velvet drive box.  We need to find out why we don't always get drive but it could be still an oil issue.  What I'd give for the 3:1 twin disk mechanical box off the west right now, it might have taken arms like westwood to put her in gear but when it went in it was in no waiting for oil pressure like these hydraulic box's.
    I didn't measure the prop accurately so is could be 28in but it looks smaller, have been told it was a K3 in her previously but maybe I can be enlightened by a member with better knowledge.

    been through all this with pansy, the is it/isn't it conundrum with the prop

    Perkins 6.354 max revs is 2000rpm @ 100hp... if I remember rightly

    1.9:1 box comes out needing a 24" by 19" pitch

    2.1:1 comes out something like 26 x 21

    2.9:1 comes out 31 x 29

    1.5:1 comes out around 21 x 15

    so, if you can get full revs under way (around 2000rpm) I'd recon you've got a 1.9:1 box

    young ronnie
    Apr 26 2010 05:21 PM
    Never had any trouble with the Borgie box in the last boat Alan,great wee tool it was,usually very little goes wrong with them...only had to wait a few seconds after the engine(a 6-354) started and it would go into gear no bother,broken clutch plates was the only time it gave any problems,and they were a piece of piddle to replace.It was a 66 that was in your vessel in the 60s I do know that,I think it was replaced with either a 6 cylinder Ford or a Perkins in later years,sure she fished on for a while with that in her.I wouldnae be too concerned whether it's a 3-1 or a 23-1..as long as the prop turns and you're getting a fair speed without needing to have a BP tanker astern of you for topping up the bunkers O0