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Boy Gary

Boy Gary

And the big ones come in keeping up Davies usual standards.

Where Photographed Bell Rock
Gear worked Creels
Size Of Vessel 33ft
Port Registry Castlebay
Vessel Name Boy Gary

    aaron,s askin for a nasty nip holding him like that?O0?
    always pick up from the back behind the head..
    think  e's just tryin ti get rid o that wee hairy wee broon fecker  thats huddin on ti its leg  O0
    never noticed the broon fella till you said there,,
    the lobby,s right claw looks like it has a grip o, his airm???
    jist the angle though .
    deffo, widny want a nip fae it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol.
    ahhhh  these guys look lik the snappers ha  :coolsmiley:

    the good auld days   O0  O0