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Intrepid BCK 101

Intrepid  BCK 101

In better days lying in Buckie 1992.

    This vessel was build in 1964 as SL 14 “Stelle”. In 1969 she went to the bottom during fishing. The ship wreck was lifted and in 1970 sold to the Isle of Man as RY 14 “Stella Vertrouwen”.
    Later she became FD 175 “MDBB” and BCK 101 “Intrepid”.

    Kevin Munro
    Apr 11 2010 12:41 PM
    Is that the Egalite gettin fitted oot in the background Ally?
    Aye thats the one Kev. Moray Explorer astern.
    Ally, The only thing that hasn't changed is Herdies power shed, everything else different..
    Aye thats a fact Jim, dinna think there's a company kad MDM now.