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Laurel CY 341

Laurel  CY 341

    Cracking shots Kevin, did you enjoy your holiday in the South West?

    Kevin Munro
    Apr 05 2010 10:12 PM
    Thanks Dunard, aye it was a fine change anyway. Long way to go for all that.
    Next time Gigha or Ailsa Craig?

    Kevin Munro
    Apr 05 2010 10:49 PM
    Say you dont know and youll be right Dunard, hopefully the only time ill see the Ailsa is out of Jammys window,lol
    hahaha for your sakes i hope it is you would just put the conveyor on full speed and the tray ower the side bud
    Just noticed is your keel band loose at the stem foot?

    the keelband at her forefoot is mebey due to goin ashore at oban,due to engine failure,,,,,,,,,
    Think she needs a shave.
    i was goin to mention the dirty bum on her, but usually you get lots of flak for it,,,,,,
    boats too busy workin  to paint etc,,,
    so i wont bother mentionin it ..
    comin up to paintin time anyway,,

    ross farquhar
    May 10 2010 03:33 AM
    thurso lifeboat away out for this boat anow.brokendown out of holburn head with gearbox problems O0 O0