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In Memory of Graeme Christie aka Bean who died suddenly yesterday.

In Memory of Graeme Christie aka Bean who died suddenly yesterday.

Seen here in 1996 aboard the Sharona, INS 274.

RIP Bean

    aye he wiz some guy....sailed we him aboard i genisis BF we really hit it off,jamie the mate o genisis phoned me iday an told me.....some guy BEAN........ never forget the laughs we hid
    Great shame, only a young chap by the looks O0

    Kevin Munro
    Apr 05 2010 10:58 PM
    aye good lad lems eh, always happy and got stuck into everything. hardly ever seen him in a bad mood. heel be sadly missed im sure.

    Apr 06 2010 03:29 PM
    Bloody Hell! not Bean & all..  fine guy wi a good sence of humour & a heart in the right place (lems ill ken wat i mean).   Wat a shame was a trip with him on the Courageous.. poor guy.  
    Be listening to  Magic Radio & the cheesy tunes upstairs.  Sleep well old son.


    Apr 06 2010 03:30 PM
    Hate to ask but was it the diabetes?
    nae sure if it wiz at or no good chance it wiz,mabee a hypo attack.fit ever it was still a big loss t abody that kent him.
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    Our Wedding Day - 27th March 2010

    Helen Christie x
    Very sad....sorry for your loss Mrs Bean....we are all thinking of you.......
    Thankyou so much for the comments on here, they really mean a lot.
    Helen Christie xx
    i had the pleasure of knowing "Bean" Graeme Christie !!! what a great guy he was , along with the rest of the crew of Sharona ( ins ).i was living in clash at the time and working for the fish  selling company . such sad news it was to ear about his death .  :crazy2: