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Christina II we have thrust

Christina II we have thrust

Christina II under power after several attempts to get the starter to turn a reconditioned unit was called for.  After sorting out the wiring the Perkins fired up after a few cranks.  Thats the first hurdle over but its good to get some heat into her.

    looking good
    Thanks Chris it makes a difference when the engine is running.  Hope all goes well with getting Shemaron round to Tarbert now shes back in the water.

    Alan O0
    Bet it was good to have an engine running under your feet Alan - different 'feel' to the boat I suspect  O0


    Steve E.

    Jay Cresswell
    Mar 28 2010 12:23 PM
    iI swung by the dock a couple of weeks back to take a quick early morning look en route from Edinburgh back to Aberdeen
    That her engine is running again will offer huge encouragement, given the task ahead
    Never a truer word said than getting a bit of heat going is a huge psychological boost
    The last time I saw this boat was when she was still fishing out of Port Seton!
    She's a bonny old lady and will I feel sure respond to some TLC
    Good luck!
    Thanks for the encouragement guys it does feel great to get the engine running, it brings a feeling of life back to the  boat.  We do seem to have a gearbox problem with her however as we lost drive after getting some shit round the shaft and stalling the engine at idle speed.  However the gearbox oil is in need of a change as its emulsified after sitting so long.  Will try this during the week to see if it cures the issue, if not is anyone any good with Borg Warner Velvet drives?

    Whatever was wrong with good old mechanical boxes where is was either in gear or not and if it didn't go the clutch was away.

    We also need to fee off the rudder as she can only go straight or to port at the moment, would be ok for ringing I guess!

    Alan O0
    manual for the borgy:


    is it engaging/disengaging gear ok, can you rotate the prop gland?  if it locked when it stalled it might free up

    changing the oil is probably a good start though, if its emulsified i might be too thick to move so locking the box?

    what ratio box you need, We'll have a spare one shortly (1.5:1).  swapping ours for 2.1:1
    mark it was working fine till a  cable got caught on the prop shaft this pulled the bilge pump hose round the shaft and caught the morse cable.  So worst she went from ahead to astern very quickly but I had killed the throttle from just over idle to idle when I heard a noise then she stalled.  Lever moves shaft turns by hand no funny noises just no drive.  Fluid does look like milk so needs changed.  Should have done it before starting engine but wasn't expecting it to start so quickly.  its lay for 3yrs anyway without running.  Will change and let you know what happens thanks for the manual.

    theres a borg warner 2:1 on fafb posted 4 days ago 350 says its good location north east its no dear at that just in case.

    Will taylor
    Apr 11 2010 08:19 PM
    Been looking for a Miller type ring-netter stern shot like this.  Big thanks.
    Engine and gearbox back in with new seal on input shaft. Oil leak now sorted ran her for 1hr today with no loss of oil, might get her out the harbour soon, that will be a good day.

    BigAlan :laugh: