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Old ring net men

Old ring net men

Left to right: Duncan "Hat Man" McAlpine, Donald"Mickey"Johnstone,Archie"Cappy"McAlpine,John"Smoky" Jonhstone, Dougald"Red Dougald"McAlpine.

    Bob.YTS Skipper
    Nov 12 2008 08:38 PM
    Thats more like a photo jac.Mabye this one will bring back a few memories for the older guys and they will share a yarn or 2 wi us that were no fortunate enough to have been at it in happier times.
    right enough bob maybe auld cooo will fill us in with a few stories

    Bob.YTS Skipper
    Nov 12 2008 08:47 PM
    Auld coo or JT would have a yarn or 2.Young cooo is just full of stories that you can hear anywhere,anyday.

    johntar tt10
    Nov 12 2008 10:17 PM
    Easy Bob, I was only a wee sma nipper when that was taken, they are all dead except the "hat man".
    Sailed with Smokie at the ringing in the mid 60's when at Inverness when he was a partner on one of our neighbor boats Caledonia.
    Crewed with "Hatman" and "Cappy" when we were getiing new engine mid 70's at the ringing.
    Aboard Cathrine Anne we ate herring everynight an everyway known tae man along with a mountain of pan breed, huvnae eaten one since, boak at the thought of them even yet.

    quiet waters
    Nov 13 2008 01:09 AM
    when men looked like men and acted like men, naw some of the daft boys goin aboot noo that will be older than these fine gentlemen were when that picture was taken, i recognise a few of the faces from one of my most vivid childhood memories, the launching of wee eddie the world m'lav's boat, can't remember the year mid sixties i think, was only 3-4 but my whole life any time i smell whisky it takes me back to that day, glasses getting handed round to celebrate the launch, every face stored in my brain yet i couldn't name but half a dozen, the old man and his two brothers, eddie and his brother archie, leggie, puggie, carnamp, kemmel and cecil and the wife's grandfaither jamie mckinven.