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Courtesy of the builders web site @ http://www.seawaygro...ex/latest-build
We are delighted to have launched our new build 'ACTINIA', a 10.85 Mtr GRP Catamaran for The University Marine Biological Station Millport based at Millport, Isle of Cumbrae, as a research vessel.

This new research vessel was ordered to replace their smaller vessel, RV APLYSIA.  She will operate primarily from Millport in and around the Clyde Sea Area but also able to operate in any coastal waters.  Her main roles will be taking students out to sea, hydrographic and benthic sampling, trawling, creeling, surveying and providing a platform for scientific divers.  Wheelhouse accommodation for a crew of 2 for a total complement of 14 persons and built to MCA 'Small Commercial Vessel & Pilot Boat Code of Practice'.

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