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Gracious - K167

Gracious - K167

Maybe  ha'in  a  cuppa tay.

#  Main Gear type :   OTB  - Bottom otter trawls
# Secondary Gear type :  NO  - No gear
# Hull material code :  3 - Fiber / plastic
# Year of Construction :  1977
# Place of Construction :  FALMOUTH
# LOA :  9.42
# Tonnage GT :  7.16 T

Former :

    Mr Gillies on his way to Mallaig
    this ons no big enough for the west coast   :cheers: :crazy2: :crazy2: :cheers:
    Dont know how you work that out Brea ,plenty that size here ideal for lochs and the likes
    She worked out of Oban last year so maybe awa back there Willie.
    Loch Sunart,Loch NaUamh,Loch Nevis,Loch Hourn, Loch Duich, Loch Alsh, Kishorn the list is endless Brea