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Under New Management Christina II

Under New Management Christina II

Christina II will now be getting the love and attention she deserves as Westbob and I take on her restoration.

    Mar 08 2010 07:04 PM
    Fantastic she’s looking better already O0
    good on ya's

    you get the price right eventually??
    Oh yes Mark at 6Ft 8 I'm good at negotiation

    Alan O0
    Good luck Alan and Westbob  - keep us up to date with photographs as she is restored  O0

    Is she this boat LH256  - retired 1996

    # Hull material code :  1 - Wood
    # Year of Construction :  1952
    # Place of Construction :  EYEMOUTH
    # LOA :  12.11
    # Tonnage GT :  12.51 T


    Steve E.
    is that the one you told us about when you were up in anster alan O0 :)
    will be good to see an other old boat restored best o luck.
    Yes Westword it is.

    Was up your way yesterday with more pictures to show you, but you were not around though I didn't check the pub.

    Alan O0
    where will  the boat be moved to for the restoration alan
    Were keeping her where she is at the moment close to home and all that.  Theres lots to do engine needs to be fire up and checked, rudder currently seized needs taken off and freed.  Main thing at present is the starter isn't working so if anyones got a spare Perkins 6.354 24v starter kicking around that would be useful.  Good point is she doesn't take on any water at all very tight, might be the sitting in mud that helps that though.

    Plans a lot will be glad of is to lower the wheel house roof as at 6ft8 I've still got 8in of head room in the wheelhouse so the roofs rotten anyway so we'll lower that when we replace it, that should get the proportions right.

    Great News. Fished along side her in Firth of Forth. Look forward to see her restored. All the Best.
    Bruce B