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Aquarius INS 32

Aquarius INS 32

Built at Jones Buckie 1961 for Robert Clark Musselburgh and named Lothian Rose LH 38  
Sold to C. Scott Lossiemouth 1969(and renamed Aquarius INS 32) when Robert had his next boat built at Jones Buckie 1970 also named Lothian Rose LH 38

    Hi Cyril

    Some additional information:

    Name on retirement according to the EU Trawler Register @ http://ec.europa.eu/...h_type=advanced was ASTRAL STAR B322 - retired on 22nd September 1996 - looks to be the same boat?


    Steve E.

    Cyril Scott
    Mar 06 2010 10:58 PM
    Thanks for that Steve  I sold her In 1975 to F. Maclennan Hopeman when I had the Aquarius INS 222 built at Campbeltown  He renamed her Astral INS 32       I did not know that she was later sold to Ireland

    Regards Cyril
    [img][/img]Posted Image taken befor her new owners changed her port of registry. New owner was Hugh Kelso, Ballywalter, Co Down.                   John

    Cyril Scott
    Mar 07 2010 05:27 PM
    I think she looked better without the shelterdeck John
    Agreed, Cyril....The made a balls of her.                                                                              John
    Cyril a cracking looking boat without a doubt.