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    another excellent drawing by john baird , done for myself.

    its a great loss to the site since john stopped posting his artwork due to some members ripping him off.

    cheap at twice the price, well done john ???
    grand picture frpm john another one for the mcminn office wall davie??

    Feb 06 2010 09:52 AM
    office wall he'd no see out the back of the jeep with that hanging on the boot !!!
    aye ian , i was going to change the jeep for a transit van so i had somewhere to hang it ??? ???

    Cyril Scott
    Feb 07 2010 09:03 PM
    Another crackin drawing John and like the rest of your drawings every detail perfict   ???  
    John did some drawings for me Davie of some of the boats that I had when I was at the fishing and I agree with you it is a pity he disna post them on the website
    glad to see you back on the site john, anyone can take a photo but this is a real talent. I cant believe how realistic she came out especially as i could only give you photos of her 80% finished.

    when i fit the aerials this week i better copy your drawing to keep it authentic ??? ???

    im looking forward to giving it to the vessel owner at the launch this weekend. ??? ???

    david , kevin
    Thanks lads. She was a nice wan te draw. and Good Luck to her new owner and crew.
                                                                                                                                                       John ??? ??? ???
    welcome back john your paintings are first class excellent work
    owner was very impressed with the drawing john :),

    especially as she isnt finished yet.

    thanks again

    David :)