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Whitby season

Whitby season

Original by Doran Bros., one time photographers in Whitby. Photo taken from their business property. Good shot of Fair Havens (TT140?). 4th boat on 2nd row is Girl Aileen (LH)

    What an amazing old photo...imagine if to tried to draw all those ha ha...there are hundreds of them there....such a shame how most are gone now....great photo though !  ???

    johntar tt10
    Feb 05 2010 05:47 PM
    My great-uncle Albert MacDougall's Fair Havens TT140 2nd boat out in nearest tier

    Jay Cresswell
    Feb 05 2010 06:45 PM
    stunning shot ... could pick over this for hours
    What happens if you're berthed far left, in the middle, and you want to get out?   ???
    Believe it or not LG they all went out at the same time!

    Brian Ward TT24
    Feb 05 2010 08:57 PM
    Tarbert boat alongside Fair Havens could be the Margarita TT141...Weatherheads 1934. Can't make out the name of the Millers boat inside.
    Very like Seafarer 3 off in 4th row.. Defo a fairlie of that ilk.
    Boat inside the Fair Havens looks to be called something  Mary.  Girl Mary?