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Hope - KY167

Hope - KY167

Don't know what the occasion was, not Regatta. Not much sleeping going on!

    young ronnie
    Feb 04 2010 01:36 PM
    Braw picture.I can just see the health and safety/DTI/nanny state and other such busybodies letting them away with that now.That many folk having a great time,no causing any trouble and really enjoying their day out?...cannae allow it...mair than ma jobsworth !!
    its Whitby, but I've nee idea what the occasion is/was

    to be sure there'd be hoards of jobsworths milling around these days citing chapter and verse of some european fecking health and safety legislation

    young ronnie
    Feb 04 2010 03:55 PM
    Just dawned on me the now,I think that stern on the left belongs to the Kittiwake CN 94...I should have spotted that before.

    Brian Ward TT24
    Feb 05 2010 08:42 PM
    Could the boat on the right be the 1930 Weatherhead  Golden Effort LH29? A really good picture, thanks for putting it on .
    The number looks to long to be LH29 and the Golden Effort had the other type of winch with the vertical barrels(can't remember the name)

    Brian Ward TT24
    Feb 05 2010 09:05 PM
    I agree Bow Tow number does look longer. Any ideas as first name looks like "Golden...."  Better than doing xwords!
    See the Magpie cafe was there back then, I was there in August and there was a Q a mile long in the *issing rain for a fish supper!
    I thought it might have been the Golden Effort but this could be wishful thinking as I new the crew quite well. I also thought the Golden Effort was later to become Chrysolite LH206.
    The Golden Effort moved from Fisherrow to Newhaven to become the Euphemia(1957/???
    the Chrysolite was formely the Oceans Gift from Newhaven
    why do you think it's not the Regatta Eddie
    In those days Regatta was the harbour and the boat races. Most people had a rosette or streamer to show which rowing club they supported, Fisherlads or Friendship. Not a sign of this. I thought it might have been Blessing of the Boats but there seems to be too many people (as I remember it). So I think it may have been a one off occasion but none of the family can think of what it may have been.