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Castle Moil and St.Clair

Castle Moil and St.Clair

Castle Moil waiting to be launched with St.Clair in the shed being built at Fairley yard 1947.

    Allan was the Castle Moil not built as the St Clair?
    St Clair was built as such then became Kathryn before being changed back to original she now sits in Tarbert converted to a very high standard.  She is owned by Phil Robertson who supplied this photo.

    Alan ???
    Castle moil is still sat on the bottom of the marina down here
    Sorry Alan it must be my age I was mixing up the Casle Moil & Kathryn

    young ronnie
    Feb 01 2010 08:36 PM
    Catches up wi' us a' eventually George,I wouldnae worry ower much aboot it ???
    Your right Ronnie its when you go up the stair for something and when you get up there
    you can't remember what your up for thats when you realise old age is setting in.
    its only a few weeks ago I was speaking to Phil the St Clair in Tarbert
    George the CASTLE MOIL BRD360 ,  I would put a Q mark on 1947 When I was along with Big Dan I seem to remember him telling us she was one of the first McMILLAN built, next time I talk to his daughter I'll ask her is there any info regarding the boat.
    Wullie I have the ST Clair down as 1948 and she is in the shed there not far behind the Casle Moil
    his daughter will maybe have the info, another nice photo.
    George are you 100per/ sure it's the ST Clair,
    The Castle Moil arrived new in Kyleakin in May 1948 Fairlie followed by the Misty Isle Forbes Sandhaven her neighbour at that time in Oct of  1948 The Moil had a 120 glennifer the Misty an 88kelvin I think I remember the old boys saying their was a delay in the arrival of engines after the war, The building of the Misty started in 1946,She wasn't launched till1948 .The Moil would carry in the region of 160 cran the Misty155cran. The Misty used to go down by the head when loaded and was altered by moving the for'd bulhead aft and introducing two side pockets eating into the engine room. the 88Kelvin was 750 in 1948. The Moil was eventually fitted with the first t4 120hp in the late 50s the second going to the Margaret Ann in Mallaig. The Misty had two 88s over the years and was eventually fitted with an Rs6 150 kelvin 1964 it lasted just over a couple of years and was replaced with another of the same which is still in her. The Misty was put on the measured mile off Arran when they were in the Clyde ringing and her mean speed over the two legs was 10.58 knots. I hope I havn.t bored to many people with this info.