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Girl Carmen

Girl Carmen

Girl Carmen after being pulled back upright 31-1-10 at the Boatyard Portnahaven

    shame it was no good, still the weather looked great
    Weather was good in between snow showers but pulling her upright with hand pulleys kept us warm enough.  Jacks got a great location but just past the island it was rather choppy, would have made an interesting trip on Shemaron.

    Alan ???
    been a big fine boat in its day by the look of it

    Martin Johns
    Feb 01 2010 07:39 PM
    Shame to see her in this state. She was built by Robsons at South Shields as Pegasus Rex - SN 132. Spent some time in Exmouth & Brixham.
    what a shame to see her in this state, what happened?  she was always well looked after and well maintained in shields

    paris stone and tommy taylor worked her from north shields in the 80s she was built in 1971 at south shields as the pegasus rex, sn 39. if you look through the photos i have posted a pic of her in the gut as the girl carmen.

    are you thinking of trying to patch her up allan
    She's at my cousins yard on Islay, Jack has spent a lot of hours doing her up after she went aground on the rocks during the night in a storm.  she was only left in one piece because she ran aground at high tide.  Keel has been replaced along with 12 planks.  She is just too far away for Bob (westbob) and I to take on as a project and needs too much done other wise we would have been interested, we live in Fife and its a 5 hr journey to get to her and 106 on the ferry every time.  While we were there to look at her we thought we might as well lift her as she had fallen over last year in a storm.

    if only 8:) :police: :police: