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Sailor rt142

Sailor rt142

A real blast from the past.  Mid to late 60's at a guess.  trying to find any wiring diagrams, manual or schematics.  Think the power input is via the plug on the hand set cradle?  not 100% though as I don't have a plug for it.

Anyone remember these lads?  be nice to get it going again

    Kevin Munro
    Jan 29 2010 10:50 PM
    Some of the older lads might know Mark, wheres young ronnie? lol.

    homeward bound
    Jan 29 2010 10:59 PM
    mark have a look at  sailorradio.enigmamachine.co.uk  ???
    bet ya ronnie has one in the garden hut kev and he is away right now tuning it up to sell to mark and cash in on his priceless antiques lol
    sorta what I was hoping!   ???


    mark have a look at  sailorradio.enigmamachine.co.uk

    been there done that but nowt doing

    nearest I've found so far is an rt143 from http://www.tarkastaj...Sailor/Manuals/ but that more of a brochure than any thing useful

    homeward bound
    Jan 29 2010 11:13 PM
    try setting it on fire and tell the insurance it was a furuno !! :whistle: :whistle:

    Jan 30 2010 01:46 AM
    For instructions etc for this model you can use the rt145 manual as they are really just the same.
    ????  rt145 is a different beast altogether

    RT144 was first real machine and a B added if ye wur posh.  Take me back tae the days o' the marconi big sets. Half a ton o' valves and shite.
    Kestrel  transmitter and Kittiwake receiver. Edddie McEwan in Elizmor was first tae get wan I think.. Coastal Radios was their biggest enemy, and maist Clyde boats had wan.
    Remember gettin' a Gannet / Guardian set up in Silver Lining circa 1965. These things were ENORMOUS.
    Half the wheelhoose was taken up by them. You could tune them doon tae speak tae yer neebour, and naebody else could hear ye, so sensitive was the tuning.......
    Fond memories of Eric Campbell of Largs, a dapper wee man.  His trademark was a fag ash 2 inches long, which inevitably fell intae the guts o' the wireless... And Hughie Dixon, Kelvin Hughes man in Oban for ages, lastly in Ayr, and then part time when he worked fir the polis...I remember we guzzled 56 scallops atween us one night when he was fixing our KH  type 17 radar in Girvan. Memories never tae be forgotten.... Oh Christ I must be gettin' auld