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    new Fruitful Vine inside at macduff shipyard,  due to be launched 13 of FEB

    king pin R018
    Jan 29 2010 07:58 PM
    aw no a wid nae launch a boat on the bakers dozen nae way. ??? :( :( :(
    13 is lucky for some
    Feb 13th would suit mair fowk, that have been invited tae the launch, it is a Saturday, maybe give them the chance to trial on the Monday,gear aboard later, then maybe away by the Thursday or Friday.

    dont think yell see him sail on a thu or fri hes good living doesnt work sundays hell be in every weekend work weekly same as mostly all the other bright lighters,,some boat for all that would be a dream come true t be at the helm of that,,a lisence t print money,,,and number 13 my lucky number a small useless piece of information had away from house bein 13 and a few other things ect ect was in lasvegas and put a sheet load on 13 at rollette and it came up so then put all winnings on aswell straight after and came up again its the most money av ever had in ma pocket at one time,,needless t say by the time it came t come home a had t tap ma sisters lad for cash for a packet of fags,haha ???
    same as myself bf  number 13 is my lucky number.

    she wont be ready for trials for a few weeks yet .
    hey dmcminn was at you what was with lee and stefan down at our boat when we was landing,,,,just wondered cause i seen your van going around the harbour after that??
    no i dont think that was me , what boat are you on?

    Jan 31 2010 07:38 PM
    macduff say 13 add 103 onto that and them some more for good luck ???