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golden venture ba274

golden venture  ba274

ready for launching fairlie slip

Where Photo Taken fairlie
Gear Worked ringnet
Port Registry girvan
Vessel Name golden venture ba274
Date Photographed 1947

    Jay Cresswell
    Jan 29 2010 04:08 PM
    Two more excellent pix in the TP archive
    Well done Swivel!
    she was doing angling trips oot o dumbarton wi charlie woods late 70s early 80s dont know where she ended up big alan maybe know.
    Built for my great Uncle Sanny " fuck the grun' McCrindle and sons.
    remember her neebours with tommy anderson was it wee tam and his son's tam & andy
    the twins that had her then
    No George, wee Tam was ma grandfaither. It was his Brither Sanny " fuck the grun" who was the faither o' the twins Tommy and Andy and the guys who got this boat built. Andy the twin "Buckshite" was the skipper. Tommy his twin built Rosemary Anne after he won the pools in the early sixties.

    The 4 McCrindles were sons of Andrew McCrindle. wee Tam, or Greetin' Tam , as he wiz kent was the heid honcho.Jake was the oldest. Jimmy "Pepys", was the maist miserable. Sanny  was next tae Jake in age, and I suppose the "Black sheep" o' the family, although I would reckon he was the maist "normal" o' them all.
    A great yarn aboot them in the Golden Sheaf........  Wee Tam was in the wheelhoose. Pepys was on the wire. Sanny was in the heid o' the boat watchin the burnin'.... Jake I think was watchin the meter.
    Wee Tam was one of the first tae hae a sounder....  
    Sanny shouted "herrin here" fae the bows.... Pepys, on the wire, shouted "the grun's bad"
    "Fuck the grun" roared Sanny fae the heid o' her.
    So Wee Tam blazed her oot,  met the boats, and she was solid, hard and fast... End result, a total Gutting fae end tae end... And that's how Uncle Sanny got his name.. History or whit?
    Great stories & great memories  Howard