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Happy Return II WK 130

Happy Return II  WK 130

Lying on the beach at Gruinard after she was holed fishing creels at Gruinard Island.

    watch out the anthrax isn,t still about?O0??
    No, they de-contaminated the island of anthrax in 1990 i think it was.
    is this the one that went to shields and had her wheelhouse shifted forward???
    or is she still on gruinard?O0?
    No, she was only on the beach at Gruinard for about a week - 10 days until they got her patched up and away again.
    My kind of scenery !!!
    Pretty...could be a great painting if I find time eh !!!
    Thanks for posting such a bonny scene...you have good piccies LG !!!  :) O0 :)
    Thanks Debra, I found a better/clearer/brighter photo of the Happy Return last week, better than this one posted.