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Viking Monarch K 58

Viking Monarch  K 58

    she was some lump o ship when she was built kevin think he looks bigger again in this colour scheme

    Stevie Stem Shots
    Jan 24 2010 11:16 PM
    Ats a fine boat for you James!!!   ???
    seen this ane getting built coolie she was built for ian an billy gatt at troon direct after our own wee puddlejumper was built big box keel on her some hyd power on the deck like canna mind exactly but it was massive pull she had if i rem right one o her aux eng was either about 500hp or over it

    Kevin Munro
    Jan 24 2010 11:40 PM
    was it this one or the atlantic challenge that broke free from her moorings?
    no this was solistice kev atlantic challenge was the next one that was eventually the last one the russa taign was started after AC but finished afore it with her going ashore think this one wasfinished 98
    hi jammy 2 500hp cats 2900 main engine shaft genie took 1000hp to drive great boat to work on 6 years on her 4 with ian 3 year down in killybegs wae carlo then neil mckay .
    forgot you were on her beany she was some lump o boat

    how the coo's doing wi you this week ?? is ma wee pal still doing ok
    i the coos are doin fine still wrkn away jakes ok he got infection fae the swimmin pool he could hardley breath but on the mend am hoping to come up for the wkend before the end bof feb/march so stand by chinese newyear pal
    what's that your comin up and bring a chinese over for us???? :( :( :(
    as long as lou and the boys are about nae bothered about seein you lol
    give us a shout if your up pal
    Good photo of her Kevin  ???