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golden ray

golden ray

mallaig ringers

    Nice photo remember louie & big fred on the golden ray I think she was a 50ft mfv
    is that the elinda on the slip?

    Jay Cresswell
    Jan 22 2010 11:17 PM
    Has the look od a dixons postcard about it
    But mebbe its a coincidence
    George ELINDA.. GOLDEN RAY... MAGGIE McLEAN.... astern of M/McL.. ARCTIC STAR...TUDOR ROSE... CRYSTAL SEA...MARY MANSON....CLANSMAN... black boat the good old OAK LEA.
    Was this when  oor lot had the Tudor Rose  Willie? Guess Andy Hislop "Fung"was in the box?
    No Howard it was after your Father sold her to Mallaig, all the best .

    Mar 07 2010 04:00 PM
    is this the same golden ray  donnie kennedy had in the 70,s
    This is the one, his father had her before him she was a MFV the only MFV i saw varnished. Old Peter McLeans boys varnished her, she earned a lot of silver this one.
    Calm...w the boat inside the GOLDEN RAY is the boat the McLeans bought to replace the G/RAY.