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signora i.o.m.

signora i.o.m.

ringnetman lifting the gavel lucky and big sam forrard

Vessel Name signora
Port Registry peel
Size Of Vessel 53ft
Gear Worked drift nets
Where Photographed i.o.m.

    johntar tt10
    Jan 22 2010 11:15 PM
    Braw pic that one swivel
    Would'nt say no to a Manx kipper eenoo, wee Joe Mawhinney used to take them up in bygone days, last I tasted them Iannie Gray took them up from Fleetwood.

    Stern Thruster
    Jan 27 2010 12:14 AM
    A bonnie glutinous affair  ???
    ...And they say there's no fish left in the sea !!!  ???
    Debra  :(
    Me,me thats a rare aul photie that ane, for'ard deck full like that. You can easy see that this photie is time capsuled, you dinna see samson posts like that nowadays, and they dinna wear gear like that either, what you see in the photie are the aul style smocks, up ower yir heid. The day, its zipped up jackets, wi' a storm flap ower the zip. I jist wish, some fowk  wid comment wi better knowledge.

    thats modern oilskins they have on there, the latest style come wi, a hood,,
    before that we had the open necked doper, and a sou, wester,
    just after the hooded oilskin came the piece de resistance the trooser suit, the jackets then still had to be pulled ower yer heid,
    but eventually along came the std buttons /or zips,
    ive used them all, and would rather have a jacket with a zip or buttons any day, instead of haulin a cold wet smelly doper over yer heid first thing on a monday mornin   ,