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Rose - ME5

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Rose - ME5

Rose - ME5 seen here in Anstruther Harbour (Scotland) on 30th July 2008.

She is registered in Montrose (Scotland) and was formerly the KY91  ASPIRE. Renamed and re-registered in 2000. Launched from Cardigan (Wales) in 1974 she is a commercial Potter.
LOA :  9.33
Tonnage Other :  7.16 T

    She was renamed ' Rose' when McBay the lobster merchant bought her in 2000, was only at Johnshaven for a short time,was never worked there, new name and reg, then she was sold back to fife again !
    The previous 'Rose' is now the 'Tern' in Aberdeen .
    see shes on the market again is that a razorfish dradge on the stern of her
    thats a surf clam dredge on the back
    cheers for that. just thought it looked the same a a drege a guy had on a boat here trying for razors.