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Looked at flagstaffs for my wee yottie..30 odd quid?..bugger that.Got a brush handle,glued on a knob off one of the wife's pans,few coats of varnish a cleat and some nylon cord...proper job.(wife's using a hand brush tae sweep the flair now and burning her fingers when she gauns tae test the tatties,but somebody has tae suffer for ma art !!)

    I hope she reads this and gives you a good slap Ronnie  :cheers:

    young ronnie
    Jan 15 2010 11:19 PM
    She'll have tae wait 'til her burned fingers heal before she can do that :cheers:
    wait till  she decides you have to buy a new set of pans ronnie . then you will realise 30.00 wasnt a bad price :cheers:

    Jan 16 2010 09:08 AM
    Is there no end to your talents ronnie ? You can take the man out of the fishing  . . . . Can't wait to see how your going to shine up the yellow wellies !!!!!
    And the cost of a cook, cleaner and gardener added on cos Mrs YR hands are too sore to do the chores, Oh Ronnie... what have you done?   :cheers:

    Jan 16 2010 12:26 PM
    Good old duster  :cheers:

    young ronnie
    Jan 16 2010 12:30 PM
    Aye lads,just wait 'til yez see what I'm going to make out of an old oil drum and a length of rubber hose just for a wee bit of nostalgia lol  Yelly wellies Ian?,nothing as common as that,Gill cruising boots no less(made in feckin' China needless tae say,can we no make anything oorselves in this country any more) And as for you Lady G...have you no got enough to keep you busy with housework,dugs and weans that you have time to play about on a computer? :cheers:
    :cheers: O0 O0
    rubber hose as well . you must have sailed on some fancy boats ronnie. we were lucky if the lip of the drum had been hammered down to take the jagged edges off. :cheers: O0 O0

    young ronnie
    Jan 16 2010 01:17 PM
    Aye but they were roughie toughie lads fae the Tyne Terry,we were just big softies in Dunbar lol It wasnae so bad with smooth hose,but yon old rubber stuff aye left a nice black circle on yer bum...yer erse looked like a target efter ye had sat on the throne :cheers: