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twin riggin

twin riggin

ma new wee boys born 07/01/10.aarron james and david john paterson.

    Congratulations :cheers:
    thats the pogo boy got a fulllll crew now congrats to you and maggie davie
    Well done Pogo better get awa ti sea yi will need a break noo

    DCI paterson
    Jan 14 2010 12:54 AM
    haha.i cheers lads.future members of the fishing fraternity me thinks lol.
    Congratulations Davie......  Mebbe ye'd better pass that on tae the missus wud ye? She mebbe had mair tae dae wi' them as you !!!
    Great stuff man, but for pete's sake dinnae pit them oot there!!!!...

    Adoration II
    Jan 14 2010 09:26 AM
    congrats buddy
    Aye, congratulations, nice Xmas present (well nearly!)  :cheers:


    Steve E.

    Cyril Scott
    Jan 14 2010 02:07 PM
    Congratulations Davie to you and Maggie  Your old boy would have been proud as also May must be
    Tell her Norma and I send our regards  :cheers:
    Congratulations big man! Ye wont be short o a crew now  :cheers:

    Young Knoxy
    Jan 14 2010 09:28 PM
    aye congrats pogo well done and twin rigging right enuff  :cheers: