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prawn trawl

prawn trawl

plan of 20fm cotton prawn trawl

    no many o them in the TT fleet now swivel
    no its a while since i seen one james and ur father as well but they did the job at the time.
    the old men seem to say that a lot

    "in our day we done this and that and ............." lol

    aye they used to take months off to scrap and varnish boats as well
    ive mended one of these laddie,
    jammy in 20 yrs. time you,ll be doin an sayin all the things your faither said to you to some young gun who,ll look at you as if your mad ?? youse did whit????went to sea wi only 2 plotters an 4 navigators sat tv.mobiles,playstations, 2 radars, 4 vhs. a big set, a sonar,cd players, 2 teles, micro waves,  how the fxxx did ye,s manage????
    i already get that the now when the washer breaks or the prawns are dumped in the stern an no in the hopper you tell them to shovel it in to baskets and get the glassed eye look lol
    prawn washer?:)? try a bucket on the end o, a rope lol.even when a boat had a wee jabsco pump to hose the prawns with they were prone to choke or impellor would break up and too dear to replace so back to the bucket,,,,,
    oh the good old days,mind you the gear wisny heavy, so they wereny laggered in mud a bucket or two over them was enough..