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New Year Trip- FB wi broadband at sea

New Year Trip- FB wi broadband at sea

    Jan 09 2010 10:28 AM
    are you speaking from experience or just bumping yer gums ?  :cheers:
    think its the latter o the two there

    Jan 09 2010 02:19 PM
    if he is who i think he is it must be in the genes, pot, kettle  glass houses , stones etc  :cheers: O0
    aye well his old man liked ot bump his gumms plenty ed

    Jan 09 2010 08:08 PM
    i didn't say everyone i said average.    & i don't apologise for it as it's true..  there are a few as good at the job & hardworking as any who've been overtaken by circumstances & others who've caused/contributed the circumstances.  That's aie true.. folk might no like hearing it but if more ppl id face fact & act rather than hide in a conformist bubble then there might b a bonny future which i like to hope for....  there's something better than a desperate scrape every week. 14
    poor austin away from the job for a while now and you will no leave him alone ,  :cheers: O0 O0 oh he must have stuck in a few throats , why because he was good at the job.................................................................. O0 O0 O0 .

    Bob.YTS Skipper
    Jan 09 2010 09:19 PM
    Me me me its a new year but the same old bitchin,sniping and catcalling use are like a bunch of fekn schoolgirls.Who is this boy that has posted a heap of good photos and given the Clyde contingent thier title into the bargain.

    Jan 09 2010 11:51 PM
    Some sence from BobYTS.. it's sad the attitude of some.. myself just now (& many others) take some time to put up some interesting pics which (in this instance) are appreciated by the likes of Steve Elwood as a snapshot of life at the job & the snide comments creep out... iv been in the background here for a year & it's the same aie round.. why bother... if you can't be better just drag everyone into the same childishness.. not for me dankie.   I gave it a bash at posting some pictures & i won't bother again.   I hope the Clyde goes flat on it's arse so the dozen or so with some nouce, forward vision & passion whom are either still in it or away trying to keep going at the job they love, ill get it to themselves & manage it with some common sence & have a half decent localized set up as in the Shetland or the SW.  14
    O0 :'(whats life without a bit o piss take an banter gee wizzzzzzz :cheers: O0
    Pull in yer prickles darlins, they're no that bad. One o' the drawbacks here is haein the pish ripped oot o' ye..
    There have been many fine men AND fishers fae this wee firth.. Often they don't go together..
    Tak a word fae the wise lad, let it a' go ower yer heid. Ye're far ower young tae be shoutin and roarin aboot those kinda things.  And you wind upperers, ca' canny oan young flas,  ye wudny want tae be branded bullies noo wud yez?
    Forby that, A guid, happy and healthy new year tae a' body on TPN. Ah missed oot the wealth on purpose. Health and happiness is a ye need. As Munch used tae say.. the car an' the bungalow will follow> :cheers: