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found this on Shemaron

found this on Shemaron

interesting find , not the ipod the feeling wire i wonder when that was last used

    Jay Cresswell
    Jan 05 2010 08:08 PM
    My, my, quite a find
    One to treasure :cheers:
    aye, good find indeed.  another one from the '1001 uses for an old fish box'

    Jan 05 2010 08:45 PM
    sonar of it`s day!  :cheers:
    its a feeling wire, used to find the herring shoals and the density of the shoal. the ring netters used them. :cheers:
    One seen in use for that very purpose on this short video.

    Used a lot at the banks & broon heid when the herring were spawning & tight on the bottom
    A very cold job on  a winters night & sore on the hands, some fishermen were experts with the wire
    there must be a ton of lead weights lying on the banks.