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Silver Chord AH 70

Silver Chord  AH 70

    ex- BCK.200. ex- Effulgence  BF.24.  built Buckie 1955
    this is how i remember her when watty whittle had her, a bonny boat she was. she is now on flea bay for around 350.
    and shes in some state. shes been sunk in some harbour cant mind where.
    such a shame when people with the best intentions buy boats for conversion to live aboard or pleasure but never complete.
    i suppose they are just in love with the thought of owning a boat, and dont realise what is involved in boat ownership or the long process of converting a vessel into a home, nor do they think of the costs involved.
    leaving the vessels to sink, or left to rot. O0 O0

    im sorry for the rant but it boils me up, to see wooden vessels chopped up or left to rot, especially when they were as fine as she was