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Christina II Stern

Christina II Stern

    whats happening with the boat ,is it in the process of being done up or left to rot
    I think the latter the owner does not go near her but will sell if your willing to pay over the odds for her

    go on then...  I'll ask the obvious question!

    what sort of cash is he expecting for her?
    20K mark


    20K mark

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    young ronnie
    Jan 02 2010 12:02 PM
    At 20K she'll lie there for a wee whiley yet...like forever...sorry,I'm not meaning to be offensive,just honest O0
    at 5 to 10k at the most it might have been worth a punt.

    seen it all too many times though.  made an offer on hyperion over 2 years ago. he wanted 15, offered 12, wouldn't budge.  still up for sale at 15.  in the intervening 2 years he's paid another 6 grand out in mooring fees and the boat has never moved - go figure

    depends what your after alan, know where there's a 40' fifie for 3 grand, pretty original condition, with a new gardner in it and in remarkably good nick - been out the water a couple of years so is pretty dry and rot free.

    Jay Cresswell
    Jan 02 2010 06:17 PM
    £20k is an utter joke
    There are plenty of perfectly well found yachts on the market at that
    The owner needs his head looking at

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    Jan 26 2010 10:24 AM
    A former Irish Fisheries Board 50 footer the 'Ros Einne' is for sale at Drogheda. 2nd boat off the slip after 'Ros Donn', currently in Loch Etive. 'Ros Einne' shouldn't be silly money.... As for 'Christina II' I mentioned it to the grandson of 'Christina' and pointed him at the comments on the mid-ship photo. This was his reply:-
    "Yes I would be up for giving a hand as well.  Wonder what they class as too much money?  Liked the postcard link as well.  I remember most of those boats, especially the Spes Maris.  She was pretty much the pride of the fleet that still moored in Port Seaton and always a big earner. I have no idea what engine was in her but she was very overpowered for the size of boat.   Big Andy was the owner/skipper at the time and crashed her a couple of times, one of which I witnessed.  He had a habit of coming in the harbour mouth full bore and throwing her into reverse with full rudder to turn her hard and enter the harbour.  As a kid at the time it was a magical thing to see especially when the engine was so big and powerful to hear.  Anyway one day she didnít go into reverse as planed and the bow went straight into the end of the middle peer that you can see in the postcard.  There was the initial is everyone ok then loud applause all round the harbour.  Everyone had been waiting for years for it to happen and finally he managed it.  Boat was fixed but he continued to keep on doing it!"
    Now I can let him know the cost....