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Heres a man that disna get the credit for how well he taught richard jnr, still tidying up after him and making sure everything is in good order, Mr Richard Johnston Snr. one of the decent ones, nearly as laid back as me, never seen anything faze him, but then i wasn't there when his anchors got lifted!! beetroot faced cheek!!!!!!

    never new richard to get even slightly angered over anything

    rem one time we picked up a net turns out they had lost it a rake o month previous came over to troon to pick it up along with a wee somethingfor ourselves which was much appreciated  ;)

    quiet waters
    Nov 10 2008 12:33 PM
    not in the thirty years i've known him, they were talking mens stuff, so i just said hello in passing, seeing the finning van brings back bad memories, canna remember the name of the heid guy back in the day, might have been davie something or other? spent many hours passing him tools and holding lights for him in my time aboard the jasmine, remember me and the old man driving all the way up to the factory to collect a manifold and a heat exchanger and him taking us to his home for a meal before we drove back, wouldn't take no for an answer, wish i could remember his name, oh but i hate the sight of these vans even now, still get an "aww naw" feeling when i see one, i wisna nosey enough to ask archie bob what the bother was, worse reason for starting a conversation than the weather, and it wiz bitter cauld this morning, besides i spied an interesting ship over on the new quay so i went for a look at her. she'll be in another section the Alba Na Mara, your tax dollars at work!!!!

    Adoration II
    Nov 10 2008 12:53 PM
    over haul and your right only thing tat bothers him is folk takin the c u n tues or wen i would get suspended fae school but always took me 2 fishing so i was out ma mothers hair as 4 the anchors no comment yet lol
    wis his name naw "wee willie" the cat man??

    quiet waters
    Nov 10 2008 01:14 PM
    naw, its come to me, davie smith, that wiz his name, come to think he reminds me of a guy i know called alfie smith, all the years i've known alfie (heid man in scotland for photo-me international) i thought he reminded me of someone, now i know, davie smith fae finning, maybe they're related?
    auld man told me there a guy called willie brodie always came down 2 the bonnie lass...

    quiet waters
    Nov 10 2008 01:49 PM
    disna ring a bell, hows the old fla keeping? its a good while since i last seen him, cabbage is about the only one i ever meet, usually in tesco.
    ye he is fine...well as long as ma mother get's him his medicine(whyte and mckays)lol  he usually in town every day as ma gran is in auld folks home,i will tell him u were askn for him.