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tied  up in stranraer

    Willing lad tied up in stranraer harbour for fitting out.
    thought it might be covered right in? O0
    im sure i saw her on the slipway yesterday
    makes a afa difference to yr tonnage if you cover in the whole stern i had to buy a extra 20ton too add to licence plus you lose some o that,its crap you build a boat thinking of crew safety en you get peanilised by having too buy extra tonnage
    yl ha to come in past sandy for a dram en shows how to stick on photos

    Bob.YTS Skipper
    Dec 24 2009 06:48 PM
    They shaft you both ways then John,i had 16t more than i needed and they wouldnt let me keep it incase i wanted to go right to the stern in the future and they wouldnt let me sell it either.Bah humbug.
    that is a bit bollocks not being allowed to keep it bob what happens down the years if yourself or the next owner wanted ot cover her to the stern they then need ot go and buy extra tonnage again  O0 O0 O0

    still wish these guys all the best with there new boat
    will do jrc ill come ower atween xmas and newyear!
    yi nae have ony visitors atween that time sanndy  O0
    i bob yr rite er,they held a song and dance we me cos i put in a clump track by doing that i had enclosed 70% of the stern en i had to get a further 8 ton to add to licence
    told them it improved saftey and strenght to boat en they did na care
    ps spot on sandy il keep a case o bud on ice