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Olympic LH.303

Olympic  LH.303

Olympic at Seahouses  Aug.1981

    Jay Cresswell
    Dec 23 2009 10:54 AM
    Such flowing lines ... superb hull-form
    aye unlike some of the steel monstrosities you get now

    Jay Cresswell
    Dec 23 2009 05:59 PM
    You bet!
    S'funny thing, the Japanese have never moved away from easy-lined, seakindly hulls. nor broadly have the Spanish
    And you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that the carbon footprint of the average current generation lump is will be, shall I say, "embarassing"!
    Is this the old Lossiemouth Olympic INS.16 then UL.16 Tommy Gaults boat?

    Cyril Scott
    Dec 24 2009 04:51 PM
    You are right Bobby She was built 1957 at Jones Buckie for Tommy Gault Lossiemouth and named Olympic UL 16  Her registration was changed to INS 16  after Tommy sold her and built the Colinne UL160
    She was later sold to owners from Aryshire I think and renamed Andrew LH 303