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Piggy in the middle

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Piggy in the middle

Me we my 2 shipmates

    Few bottles of Magners doon ya kneck there Ally  O0


    Steve E.
    O0  no no Steve that was the Fillipinos drink, peer cu**s deserve athyin they get  O0
    aye thing yer na 5 a pint in ere,haha,,seem t remember seein a photo o you in at corner afore ally,haha
    just ca canny ally min yell ha alchol poisonin at this rate,,haha,,see yer aye in all the pictures yer surley the ring leader leadin abody astray,,na like yi cove O0
    :whistle: This one makes me laugh every time I have a look at it...Ally where's your toothie lol :cheers:??  O0  O0