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Alex Watt INS 163

Alex Watt  INS 163

    there wasnt many boats gettin beccles coilers fitted in the 90's was there?
    the lads on here just loved jumpin about in the rope bins hehehe  :whistle:
    lookin very bonny sittin in enster harbour there.
    a lot bonnier than sittin at the bottom o, the cliffs where she finished her days, at the north end o, skye,,
    was she no lost north o the rhue rhaigh?
    smashed up on the beach at the Rhu
    sunk up roond the corner fae staffin and sw o, eillen trodday,,
    Rubha Hunish also known as the Rhu inshore from Eilean Trodday
    aw that garlic spellin, i thocht north isles was meanin rhuba rheidh ower on the mainland north o, gairloch,,
    mystery solved,
    there wont be much if any o, her left now?O0?:)
    Had a quich squint last year going past never saw nowt there ,aye a few Rhu's this side of the country,easy mistake to make not the first time she went on the rocks on Skye,mind her going aground in Loch Dunvegan at Galtrigil
    cheers wbeedie,she looks very similar to the WAY,,
    Both built at same yard I think either Banff or Macduff canna mind fit een ,the old boy would know he was aboard the Way for a while when she was new