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Former ringers Golden Hind (with a Guernsey registration and A' Maighdean Hearrach somewhere on the West Coast in the 60s (must be early as neither has radar)
I recall the Hind in Oban in the 70s whey Kye Anderson had her ... she was really tired by then

    young ronnie
    Dec 21 2009 01:05 AM
    If memory serves Jay,it was early to mid 70s (73 maybe 74 ?)when the Hind went ashore at Colonsay,think that was her coming up from Guernsey,Kai carried her after that. Cannae mind who took her that length,but I think Alec John Downie brought her up from Colonsay to Oban..looks like him standing at the Maid of Harris's foremast. Is the pic taken somewhere about the North side of Colonsay pier?..looks like the wee light in the background.As you say,she was gey tired by then,but could still go like a bat oot o' hell wi' the K6 in her...took a bit of catching.

    Jay Cresswell
    Dec 21 2009 01:13 AM
    I knew Kai only slightly ... lean sort o' a guy ... a regular on the Railway Pier at Oban
    Got the impression he could take a bucket and it wouldn't make any difference
    The Hind was really care-worn
    So too was the Maid of Harris ... green-painted as I recall ... well sort of given how much was missing
    The Golden Hind went off the rocks early April 1974 on the east coast of Colonsay, the lads walk across hill and roads till they came to a home of a local Doctor where they received hospitality and accommodation was sorted ( at a hotel ) courtesy of the Shipwrecked Mariners Society. The lads where all from Peterhead and left the Island the next day on the Claymore. She had some serious work done (?Curries) on her altering the Length and tonnage and sold/part sold to an Oban man Mr J Young OB221

    young ronnie
    Dec 21 2009 10:38 AM
    Aye Jay,it was not unknown for Kai to take a small libation on the odd occassion lol Admittedly he was never the snappiest dresser in the fleet,he aye looked like he had been "dragged through a hedge backwards" as they used to say in Dunbar,but he wasnae the worst,far from it.He would do you a good turn long before he would do you a bad yin.I cannae say that I recognise anybody in the pic apart from who I think is Alec John Downie,but my memory for faces was never good at any time.I can only think that it was taken when she was re-floated after running ashore at Colonsay.Bill Willis would have had the Maid of Harris then,don't see him there,but given the fact that he hated a camera being pointed at him that's not surprising!They must have been two fine vessels in their day,but were a wee bit past their "sell by" by that time O0