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Alex Noble-built Marie
Trials off Girvan 1963

Vessel Name MARIE
Port Registry BALLANTRAE
Size Of Vessel 58FT
Where Photo Taken OFF GIRVAN
Date Photographed 1963

    Brilliant detail
    great lines on this boat beautiful canoe stern
    Still think this was the bonniest one ever built in Girvan............... Just has that extra something.....................
    It amazes me how all these boats were built nearly exactly the same, eg Stormdrift, Ocean Gem, Pathfinder, Alipeds etc, yet they were all different in some way. Each a different character... Wee Alex was a genius.. A humbler man ye couldnae fin'. A TRUE craftsman!
    boat or ringers are you meaning here Howard? In my opinion the Islesman, come Boy Cameron, come ISLANDER BA316 is the best boat oot o the yard.......And it is completely bias.........(OOOh and he made me type this).....lol
    more like he typed it himsel fi but then again it is typed correctly an couldna have been him ahahahhahaha

    Boy Cameron
    Dec 23 2009 10:32 AM
    I would have to agree Fiona, I'm not bias either! but this is a bonny boat too, I painted her for Garry Vos about 20 years ago.

    Brian Ward TT24
    Dec 23 2009 10:36 AM
    Should be in the photo of the year......superb!  Beautiful lines BUT sloping wheelhouses are in the same league as big fins on old cars. You cannot beat traditional flat roofs....compare the Village Belle 111's original Millers with the later one fitted, or the Shemaron's Weatherhead original with her present one......don't take offence Chris...or  even my Golden View steel one compared  to the original....mini rant for the day over ...Christmas always gets me in a bit of a mood! Oh yes, merry Christmas to all old boat lovers.

    Dec 29 2010 11:04 PM
    I hope  im not interfearing in yer discusion . but as regards the sloping wheelhouse tops  I never did like them  and  was  dissapointed  that  HERDIES  Used them most  to otherwise  spoil a beautiful  boat  The same  with the  sloping  fore sides  of  wheelhouses  it was  far  bonnier when  they  sloped  out  the  way  like  IRVINS  PD  boats  of  the  early  19 60s   ??? O0

    Angus Grant
    Dec 30 2010 06:45 PM
    I have noticed on many of the pictures of the Nobles boats when they are new that the wood used for the bulwark planking is darker than the larch hull planking. I can think of only two reasons either:-
    Mr Noble used larch and stained the wood for asthetic purposes - the darker wood setting of the shear perhaps.
    or he used another species of wood than larch possibly more resiliant to the wear and tear inflicted by the gear.

    Does anyone know the answer?

    Jay Cresswell
    Dec 30 2010 06:58 PM

    The answer is simple ... the wood was mostly stained; it was a fashion and a very attractive one at that

    Occasionally, two different woods will have been used ... higher grade for hull planking than bulwarks when flush-decked

    With the two model ringers that I have built ... one has stained bulwarks (the first); the second (Ribhinn Donn I) has pitchpine planked bulwark planking versus a light pine for the hull

    Incidentally, am about to start a new hull ... same scale ... 3/4in to the foot; most likely it will be an anchor seiner as I have a lines drawing for one of the group built for the Greenland fishery

    I really, really must get my arse in gear and scan in a stack of pix for posting on this site

    Happy new year to all