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Rayella LH.271

Rayella  LH.271

built Denmark 1959  length 60ft.  38gt.  renamed Anna Sophie  LH.271

    Hi Dave

    Just wondering about her last name - the EU Trawler Register @ http://ec.europa.eu/...h_type=advanced  spells the name as ANNA SOFIE - however that could be a mistake on their behalf?

    # Hull material code :  1 - Wood
    # Year of Construction :  1959
    # Place of Construction :  DENMARK
    # LOA :  20.06
    # Tonnage Other :  38.36 T

    Shown as Wrecked/Destroyed on 15th September 1994 - anyone know if she was wrecked?


    Steve E.
    hi Steve,  my mistake m8 ,  Ann Sofie.   put it down to age.
    Hi Dave

    Yes I have those moments too!

    I thought it may have been someone inputting data to the Register and thinking about the name 'phonetically' - I think some of the data inputters are from overseas  :cheers:


    Steve E.
    unlucky boat this one.
    ian hansen was lost off this one, she was never the same.
    then the lad lost his eye aboard her.

    the thinnesens did buy her and she went to grimsby and was renamed, cant remember the name.
    i think she was paired up with the tino for a short time
    kev the parrot will know
    Owned by alan middleton, from sunderland bought to replace LADY PAT SD116, it was his son mark (skipper) that lost his eye, while barring the engine over......................good boat, but a rolly fukka. :cheers: :cheers:
    was called jens thinnesen wen alan thinnesen bought he was pair trawling with the sarah thinnesen not the tino  was burnt out sea
    Danbrit & M.A Flemming in the back ground
    she fished from amble  skipper alan stranways
    guide us there as well billy
    Quick question - why are the boats lined up at Smiths - please excuse my ignorance of that particular era on the Tyne  :cheers:


    Steve E.