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Janet Jensen GY.421on the Tyne at North Shields

Janet Jensen  GY.421on the Tyne at North Shields

North Shields, just off slipway at Blyth after paint up

    Nice shot Dave - retired 1992

    # Hull material code :  1 - Wood
    # Year of Construction :  1942
    # Place of Construction :  DENMARK
    # LOA :  18.68

    Wonder what happened to her after 1992 - scrapped?


    Steve E.
    Hi steve the lad that skippers the Aroura here in north shields this used to be his boat done well with her.
    heard that paul dowse had bought her for angling parties, but remember seeing her wheelhouse  in hardakers yard next to the ferry landing not long after that
    , the achieve ins 216 was cut up there.
    i heard that the wheelhouse was bought and put on the chary at hartlepool.
    kevin the parrot thinks it is from another boat so dont know.
    Nice pic...nice boat. I cant se what jhe was rigged for on the photo. anchor seining? pairing?
    rigged for ski-netting,seeing xmas tree still onthe deck. dont think he ever went pairing? :cheers:
    Mainly anchor seining but did have a go at pair trawl
    yes i paired up with her when i had bennison but only for 2 trips
    she was a bonny boat well looked after  and jenkers did okay with her ;)